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Igor Taranov

Practice Areas & Services

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate acquisition and sale, including acquisition of rights to land plots.

Due diligence of land plots and other real property;

Real estate and land transactions (purchase and sale, lease, mortgage, etc)

Real estate management (lease, operational agreements etc)

Amendments and cancellation of real estate agreements

Litigation on real property and construction


Corporate Law

Corporate governance and compliance

Optimization of corporate structure and implementation of restructuring programs

Due Diligence of target company

Support of day-to-day activities of foreign companies in Russia and non-commercial organizations

Representation of clients in negotiations with other parties M&A transactions

Drafting of all transaction documents

Preparation of legal opinions in relation to various legal aspects of planned or concluded transactions

Identification and mitigation of risks and where necessary coming up with creative legal solutions


Intellectual Property

Protection of foreign intellectual property in Russian from counterfeiters and imitators

Legal prosecution of counterfeiters of audio and video materials

General representation of technology-oriented companies

Drafting and negotiating technology transfer agreements, trademark and patent licenses and assignment agreements, copyright licensing

Negotiating out-of-court settlements of trademark infringement disputes

Dealings with the RF Patent Agency



International sale of goods (import and export transactions)

International product distribution (drafting distribution agreements)

Concession agreements

Public procurement (tender documentation)

Leasing transactions (structuring, concluding, amending or terminating leasing contracts)

Debt restructuring (structuring, minimizing credit and legal risks, collateral)


Other commercial contracts (drafting, assistance in concluding, amending or terminating contracts)


Employment & Migration Law

Advising on different aspects of employment including executive remuneration and related regulatory and disclosure obligations; service contracts and related documents

Restructuring of employment relations and redundancies

Due Diligence of employment paperwork

Development of all types of agreements and internal regulations

Labour dispute resolution in and out of court

Support during audits by government authorities

Material liability, damages

Protection of confidential information


Litigation & International Arbitration

Conducting pre-trial negotiations

Handling cases in the International Commercial Arbitration Court, which is part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Representation clients in connection with contractual disputes, tort claims, protection of investment, disputes in the area of real estate development and management in

Russian courts, including the Moscow Arbitrage Court, Courts of Appeal, Federal Cassation Courts, Supreme Arbitrage Court

Application of bankruptcy (insolvency) procedures

Filing suits against credit and financial institutions

Enforcement of arbitrage awards and awards of foreign arbitration tribunals in Russia


Criminal Defence for Business

Advising legal entities and individuals on issues relating to criminal law and criminal procedural law in form of advice, opinion, summary of current court practice

Representation of clients before the law enforcement authorities

Preparation of complaints against actions by the law enforcement agencies

Representation of clients in courts of general jurisdiction

Filing of appeals against judicial acts in higher courts


Administrative & Legal Support for Business in Russia

Advising on administrative and legal relations with the state and municipal authorities

Defending clients in cases on administrative offences

Conducting administrative disputes before administrative bodies and courts

Performing a preliminary assessment of the administrative and legal consequences of anticipated transactions and investment projects

Identifying and assessing administrative and legal risks and opportunities

Performing a legal expert review of the actions and rulings of the administrative authorities


Family Law & Divorces, Settlements

Representing your interests in divorce proceeding

Child custody and visitation

Child support and alimony

Division of marital debts and assets and property settlements

Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements


Registration Services

Providing specialized services for registration and liquidation of Russian companies, branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities in Russia

Accreditation and tax registration of representative offices of foreign legal entities in different regions of Russia

Drafting charters and foundation documents for our clients pursuant to their specific needs and in accordance with current legislation of the RF

Providing tax registration for companies and registration with social funds, as well as registration of shares of stock with the RF Federal Securities Commission


Translation & Apostille


Since I have both legal and linguistic educations I can help my clients with qualified, professional translations of legal documents. The text for translation can be a law, a contract, a corporate document, а certificate, а license, а power of attorney, or an extract from a registry or other legal instrument. I can render you a precise and accurate translation with notarization, legalization and apostille.

My legal experience, perfect command of English and knowledge of both Civil Law and Common Law systems can guarantee you a complete and accurate translation of your documentation.

I also guarantee that all documents and information received in connection with translation assignments shall be kept in the strictest confidence.

Depending on your needs the translated documents can be legalized, notarized or apostilled in Moscow, Russia. The following documents may require certified translation:

Abstracts • Academic Records • Academic Transcripts • Adoption Papers• Application Letters  • Army ID Books • Birth Certificates  • Consents  • Court Papers • Customs' Documents • Death Certificates • Divorce Decrees • Driver's Licenses • Financial Records • Immigration Papers  • Incorporation Papers  • Legal Contracts  • Employment Records  • Marriage Certificates • Medical Records  • Name Change Certificate • Passports  • Permission Letters  • Police Records  • Power of Attorney  • Real Estate Deeds, Leases  • Social Security Cards  • Wills.

Certified translation contains a notary public verification of the certifier's signature. Such certification is performed by a qualified licensed notary public of the City of Moscow. Such certification is performed by a qualified licensed notary public of the City of Moscow, Member of Moscow City Notary Chamber, who signs the translation with an official notary seal affixed

Please contact me for more info or request a free quote on +7-495-764-40-12 Mon-Fri from 9am till 6pm Moscow Time (GMT+3) or at 7644012(at)mail(dot)ru.


Non-recurrent Individual Legal Services

As a part of my services I can help clients to gather detailed information for a number of specific situations and to obtain various records.

Since every situation is different and unique, we can discuss your needs and find the solution.

For instance, I can provide my clients with the following information:

criminal records property ownership, mortgages, tax assessments, and values bankruptcy records location/telephone number of individuals business records, director/officer information, lien information death records professional and commercial licenses intellectual property - patents, copyrights, trademarks, registrations court judgments automobile records legal liabilities.


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